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Raven Field Archers

News: Beginners Course in Autumn
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Prechamps Weekend Shoot - * RESULTS *


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Raven Field Archery Club is based on the Sussex / Hampshire border and offers Field archery in two of the largest recognised national variants, NFAS and FITA Field, All shooting styles are used by our members a range of bow styles from the high-tech Compound to the traditional English Longbow.

We shoot in managed woodlands with slopes and valleys making our shooting courses very interesting and entertaining.
If you would like to join please go to the "Contact Us" page for more information. Please also take a look at our news page for details of the latest happenings at the club.

What is Field Archery?


Field archery involves shooting at targets over varying unmarked distances,
Depending upon if you shoot NFAS or FITA Field, there are different rules and targets to shoot.
Field Archery is often in woodland and rough terrain (rarely in a field).
The archers follow a course, shooting at targets in sequence,
each from one or more positions depending on the rules in operation.
The courselayer will try to fool the archer into mis-judging the distance by subtle use of dead ground or by using natural obstacles!
A variety of bow styles may be used.
NFAS may also shoot life-size foam 3D animal targets or paper pictures of animals or birds.
Field archery provides exercise, builds stamina and requires self-control.
But above all it's fun for all the family!

NFAS Rules GNAS Rules GNAS Rules
Links to NFAS , GNASand FITA Field Rules, please click their logo above.


For insurance requirements, club members must be affiliated to at least one of the sports governing bodies.
Special insurance cover is arranged through RAVENS for training/beginners courses.
The general public are not allowed to shoot without insurance cover.

Location Map for Raven Field Archers
(Please note: this is the club ground and not the location for the Open Shoots)